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LinkedIn Removes User Photos, Names From Ads

Networking website for professionals LinkedIn has decided to bring changes to its social advertising program after the company faced criticism for using details and pictures of its members for a promotion.

According to tech website PC World, the Mountain View, California-based business-related networking website LinkedIn, announced in a blog post on Thursday that users' names and photographs had been removed from the advertisements that were originally aimed at delivering more useful adverts.

The decision has been taken after the company faced criticism from a large number of users registered on its website citing violation of privacy rules.

"Even though our members are happy to have their actions, such as recommendations, be viewable by their network as a public action, some of those same members may not be comfortable with the use of their names and photos associated with those actions used in ads," Ryan Roslansky, Director of Product Management at LinkedIn wrote in an official blog post yesterday.

The company is ready to bring in the change and notify its users with pictures of the adverts taken before and after the change to show the difference. However, no information has been provided about the time scale over which these changes will come into effect.