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Nintendo 3DS Price Wars, Amazon Matches Tesco’s Pricing

While Japanese video game console maker Nintendo is yet to make announcement about official price cut on its latest handheld gaming console 3DS, web retailing chains have begun to cut down on prices bringing it to an all-time low.

According to tech website Now Gamer, following Tesco’s footsteps, web retailer Amazon on Thursday slashed the price of 3DS to almost half. Interestingly, the console is being made available by Amazon at the slashed price of £115 immediately. Amazon has also offered to ship the console without charging any shipping cost.

“This now means gamers can pick up the console for £115 online through Amazon or in shops thanks to Tesco. The supermarket chain Morrisons is offering the console for £120 and games for £25, The Hut is offering the console for £129.85 with games from £14.85.” tech website N-Europe reads.

GAME has also jumped in this price war and will be offering a new 3DS for just £49.99 when the customers trade in a DSi XL.

While Nintendo has priced the £200 at £120 in the home country, spokesperson for the company has blamed sluggish sales of 3DS to absence of high quality video game titles available for the 3DS. The company has stated that the price cuts have come into place keeping in mind the upcoming festive season which is expected to boost its sales.