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Noon News: Modern Warfare 3 Playable Demo, Google+ Games & eBook Sharing

Gamers in the UK will get a chance to play the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 at the GAMEfest gaming event in September. GAMEfest is a three day gaming event organised by retailer GAME at the Birmingham NEC between September 16th and 18th.

Search engine giant Google has dished out games for its Google+ social networking platform, taking its assault on Facebook to the next level. In a blog post, the company said that Games on Google+ can be accessed by clicking on the Games button that appears on the stream.

Google has managed to add another feather to its cap, as the company now allows users on its Google+ social networking website to share the books they are reading with people in their Circles. According to tech website, Paid Content, Google Inc’s social networking website, Google+ has initiated a new book sharing program which is believed to be better than rival website Facebook by many tech critics and experts.

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo is being pressurised by its investors to offer some of its most popular gaming franchises on the iOS platform. Mobile gaming, on Smartphones and tablet PCs, is threatening to destabilise the gaming console market, with Apple’s iPhone already eating into the share of mobile gaming consoles like the DS and 3DS.