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Twitter Clone ‘Heello’ Launched by TwitPic Founder

TwitPic’s founder has launched his own rival to micro-blogging platform Twitter, a day after the latter came out with its own photo sharing tool.

Noah Everett, the founder of TwitPic, which is a highly popular photo sharing app for Twitter, launched a micro-blogging start-up called Heello, which is being touted by many as a Twitter clone.

Twitter has recently come down hard on third party app developers and the launch is being considered as retaliation for that.

Heello, according to Everett, had started to evolve last year, in an attempt to make Twitter ‘suck less’, Everett had earlier decided to revolve the service around email but later adapted Twitter’s social messaging model.

The platform allows people to send Ping, which are similar to Tweets on Twitter. On Heello, ‘Followers’ are called ‘Listeners’ and ‘Following’ are called ‘Listening’.

“If Twitter can compete with its developers without fair notice, then why can’t we? I think anyone has a fair shot at competing with anyone,” Everett said.

The platform is planning to bring support for videos, location based check-ins, text message integration and mobile applications. Everett also informed that Heello will also feature a service called ‘Channels’ which will allow users to create groups, similar to what Google is offering with Circles.