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AT&T, Juniper Networks Partner to Develop Mobile Security Platform

US mobile phone carrier AT&T has partnered with Juniper Networks to provide increased protection against malware to its wireless customers.

Juniper Networks will be developing a new mobile security platform, for both business and individuals, to protect them against the rising threat of mobile malware and device theft or loss.

The companies plan to release the mobile security platform for government and enterprise users sometime this year while a separate version for consumers will be released in 2012. However, the pricing details for the security service were not revealed.

According to AT&T, the AT&T Mobile Security application will be based on Juniper’s Junos Pulse platform. The application will provide users with an anti-virus and anti-malware software along with application monitoring tools.

"Mobile security is the 'next frontier' for our continued effort to mitigate cyber-threats and to help protect our customers' information," said Ed Amoroso, Chief Security Officer for AT&T.

"With the help of Juniper Networks and the power of AT&T Labs and the AT&T Mobility Security Research Center behind us, we'll be able to deliver new security capabilities to provide peace of mind to companies and consumers alike." he added.