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Cloud based storage and sharing platform for the enterprise, Box, has made a few announcements to make it easier for users to share files.

The company has updated its Android app to bring support for tablet PC devices running the platform, introduced a new app for Research in Motion’s PlayBook tablet and updated its mobile site with HTML 5 features.

Box claims it had to update its offerings after experiencing a surge of mobile usage. The company reported a 600 percent rise mobile implementations in the first seven months of 2011, which is more than whole of 2010.

Box claims that although the iPad is dominating the enterprise tablet market, businesses were looking to support for than one platform. That is why the company is focused on improving its services across all platforms.

“Since we're an enterprise-focused company, we've been working all year on making sure we hit every platform an enterprise might need and now we're able to make that happen," said Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box.

"We've seen a 600% increase in enterprise sales on the mobile side this year. And that's because there are a lot of consumer cloud options which are perfectly fine being constrained to one platform or another, but for businesses, you need to have that flexibility, and nobody else is offering what we're now offering." he continued.