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Future Games Contest Comes to Dundee, Scotland

One of the biggest video games festivals of Scotland, Future Games Contest, has come to Dundee this year.

The competition will result in three winning teams to be announced on Sunday. The teams will be sent across for nominations at Bafta One To Watch awards this year.

According to BBC, Future Games Contest, a festival organised by IC Tomorrow, a program run by Technology Strategy Board in collaboration with Abertay University has been launched which will end up with an international level video game design competition. The festival which will run for three days is expected to be visited by thousands of people.

"Scotland is well known as a place of innovation and imagination, with our computer games industry undoubtedly one of our global success stories. The spectacular Dare ProtoPlay festival showcases the skills of some of the world's most talented computer science and arts students." Culture Secretary of Scotland, Fiona Hyslop said.

The festival which was first started in the year 1981 by games developer David Braben is receiving registration entries from teams from several countries including Norway, Denmark, Sweden, China, India, Finland and Iceland.

It is the first time Dundee is hosting the Future Games Contest as the festival was previously held in Edinburgh.