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Mensch backs calls for social network clampdown

Woolly-brained Conservative MP Louise Mensch has used Twitter to back PM David Cameron's dim call to shut down social networking sites when things get a bit hairy.

Mensch, who few people had heard of until she appeared on the telly to help grill the slippery-as-eel father-and-son team of Rupert and James Murdoch, twitted the idea that a "brief temporary shutdown" of the likes of Twitter and Facebook would help stop false rumours being spread. "Common sense. If riot info and fear is spreading by Facebook & Twitter, shut them off for an hour or two, then restore. World won't implode," she twaddled.

Her couple of brain cells seem to have whirred into action when he discovered that police in her Northamptonshire patch had been running about like headless chickens, trying to stop a non-existent riot, the flames of which were fanned by Twitter rumours.

"I know," she must have thought. "Shut down Twitter, like Cuddly Cameron suggested... that'll sort it. Genius."

The inveterate twitterer - has she nothing better to do? - was later banging on about going head-to-head with John Prescott on the matter: " Limited interrupt of Twitter, briefly & during a national emergency IF needed, is hardly end of world. We survive maintenance," she wrote, as she slowly began to modify her stance.

In later tweets we learned that Mensch was in New York shopping for a new dress and shoes to wear for her showdown with Prescott. "What can I say, Vera Wang shoes less than a hundred quid, you would, wouldn't you. I buy one pair a year (two tops)... So it's allowed," she wrote without, it seems, batting an eyelid.

You can ge them even more cheaply if you go in through the front window love.