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Anonymous launches 'Operation Britain'

The online band of merry hackers known as Anonymous has decided to join in the spirit of rioting youth on UK street by bringing its own form of non-violent protest to British web properties.

In an updated Press Release, the outfit says the recent UK riots while "violent and misguided", are "a product of decades of neglect inflicted on your country by various governments. We do not condone mindless thuggery, but that does not stop us from seeing the reality behind it."

Since UK politicians, "will use these riots as an excuse to withdraw civic freedoms, increase draconian police powers, and discourage legitimate protest," Anonymous suggests a different approach, calling on the UK population to come out in force on Saturday October 15th to organise "mass protests in your major cities".

"Anonymous senses your displeasure and witnesses the iron fist of the state being used more and more often to put down dissent before it begins. We note also the ever increasing tide of propaganda issued to justify these repressive acts," they write. "The law is no longer the protector of the citizens but the protector of a wealthy few from the many, who have very little. Justice has become yet another commodity that only the wealthy can afford," it added, before explaining that it will support further peaceful demonstrations through its own actions.

"We sympathise with the anger that seethes under the facade of your country's diplomatic image. It is time to take a stand and realise that solutions will not be found in today's corrupt political landscape. You should seize this opportunity to rally for freedom. Anonymous stands with you in this struggle and will fight alongside you in the battle for permanent change. Let your enemies stand forewarned."

"Saturday October 15th 2011 will be your opportunity for rebellion. We call on Britain to unite and organise peacefully. Unions, anti-cuts groups, community organisations, students, activists, citizens: you know your political system is not fit for purpose," the Anonymites urge.

"Rally your supporters and stand together in holding mass protests in your major cities. Together you can send a powerful message to your government: you are the people of Britain and your voice WILL be heard..."

This article has been edited after the Anons told us the original was based on an elderly press release.