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1GHz ZTE Skate Smartphone To Rival HTC Desire S?

ZTE will almost certainly release a 1GHz version of its Skate smartphone at some point in the near future according to a spokesperson from ZTE's PR agency, Axicom.

@SeanJacko wrote on the Modaco forum that the first Skate (or Monte Carlo) will be an 800MHz model with a 1GHz version coming later.

He did say however that there's no set timeline regarding the availability or any price difference.

In another post, @SeanJacko confirmed that ZTE is developing a device (it could be a tablet or smartphone) based on the Qualcomm MSM8255T, a Snapdragon S2 model, which has a theoretical maximum clock speed of 1.4GHz, but which we understand, can be altered depending on the manufacturer's requirements.

An unlocked version of the 1GHz ZTE Skate would probably cost less than half the price of the Desire S and would come with a bigger screen (4.3-inch vs 3.7-inch) but without a front-facing camera and less system memory (768MB vs 512MB).

What's more, the Skate is less likely to bundle its own user interface as opposed to HTC whose smartphones come with the Sense User Interface.

An 800MHz version of the ZTE Skate is currently on sale at Orange for £150 although that goes down to £120 if you are an existing customer.