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Adobe Muse Announced as Free Public Beta

Adobe, on Monday, released a public beta of its easy to use website designing software codenamed Muse.

Muse, as it is described by Adobe, will allow users to create unique HTML based websites without the need for writing code or using any templates. Somewhat similar to Dreamweaver, Muse is easier to use and work with compared to Dreamweaver.

The website design software allows users to use the latest web standards including HTML 5 and CSS3 which enables the novice designers to create sites with innovative navigation, widgets and interactivity.

Further, Muse can embed HTML code snippets from sources including Google Maps, YouTube and Facebook.

Adobe describes the functionality of Must “similar to InDesign” wherein websites can be planned, designed and published with combination of images, graphics and text.

Adobe, on its website, states “Muse (code name) will be available as a public beta until we release Version 1, which is anticipated to be in early 2012, at which time customers will need to purchase the application if they want to continue authoring websites with Muse."

In order to provide an easy learning curve to uses, adobe has provided quite a few learning resources in terms of videos, events, tutorials and in-app help and they can be found here.