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AMNews: Falcon-HTV2 Disappears, Ice Cream Sandwich Images Leaked, Facebook Phone Syncing Perils

DARPA has lost its 'fastest-ever' $300 million super-jet capable of flying at speeds of 13,000 Mph, within minutes after it was launched. The HTV-2 was launched for a hypersonic test flight from the Vandenberg air force base in California. Soon after the aircraft separated from the rocket that was used to launch it, officials on the ground lost all contact.

Google's Inc. secrecy over Android Ice Cream Sandwich has been ever mounting since its announcement. But, Screen shots of the upcoming update of Android OS have been leaked on tech websites Android Police and Rootz Wiki, to reveal features soon to be added to Android powered Smartphones and tablet computers.

Since October 2006, July 2011 was the worst month in terms of video game hardware and software sales in the United States market, a new report has revealed. The report by market research firm NPD has informed that US sales of video game hardware and software was at $707.7 million, a drop of 26 percent and lowest since October 2006.

LinkedIn has decided to bring changes to its social advertising program after the company faced criticism for using details and pictures of its members for a promotion. The decision has been taken after the company faced criticism from a large number of users registered on its website citing violation of privacy rules.

Leading social networking website Facebook is facing backlash from a certain portion of its huge user base globally as synchronised contact numbers of users have been found on the website lying without any security. Tech experts have advised Facebook users to switch off sync feature on their handsets to prevent from handing over personal details to third parties.