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Apple MacBook Pro 3G Goes on Sale on eBay, Three Days to Go

Are you aware of any Apple MacBook Pro that is 3G enabled just like the iPhones and the iPads and if you are, do you know where to get your hands on one of those? Well a good guess is you won’t.

But, a North Carolina based eBay seller was all in all lucky to get his hands on what is deemed as a prototype of the 3G MacBook Pro from Apple. The eBay seller got his hands on the laptop through Craigslist, and that too at a bargain, from an ex-Apple Engineer.

The laptop is currently on sale on eBay and is currently at a bidding price of $11,211.11 (as of this writing) and with 3 more days to go before the auction ends, it is expected that the bid will atleast double the current amount.

The laptop is marked with ‘Tyco Proto / #006' underneath the antenna, which indicates that there might be 5 more prototypes of the laptop that Apple would have used for testing.

According to the seller “the circuit boards inside were bright red as opposed to the normal blue!” He also adds, “There is an extendable cellular antenna located at the right top side of the display assembly”.

The laptop also has a slot for inserting a SIM card and with the external antenna; this gives an indication that this is not a normal MacBook Pro you would see in Apple Stores.