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Could iPhone 5 Come In Red, Besides Black & White?

Until now Apple's iPhones have only come in black and white, although things could be about to change with the much-anticipated iPhone 5.

A recent revelation based on an alleged leak claims that the upcoming iPhone 5 will come in red as well as the traditional colours, Beatweek reports.

Apparently someone has come into the possession of iPhone 5 clone units, some of which are coloured red, and is proposing to sell them for only $250. It seems hard to believe, but the rumour shouldn't be totally dismisseded, considering last year an iPhone 4 handset which was accidentally left in a bar before release.

The images of the purported iPhones show two iPhone 5 models, a black one and a red one. Of course, there is no proof the images are genuine, but the red colour is definitely something that hasn't been heard of before when it comes to Apple's long awaited device.

Apple did release a red iPod nano, but iPhones have never come in other colour than black and white. But still, if Apple's upcoming iPhone would come in different colours, why would Apple release the various versions at once? The white iPhone 4 version came out months after the smartphone's black release, and although this was largely down to manufacturing issues, it did give a strategic boost to Apple's sales.