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Expert Claims Android Highly Vulnerable to Attacks, Google Apprehensive

Time and again it has been brought to attention that Google’s Android operating system is not secure enough and the latest announcement comes from a security expert named Riley Hassell.

The expert from Privateer Labs has revealed that there are more than dozen apps on Android that are quite dangerous and can leave the phones vulnerable to attacks such as phishing and hijacking.

Hassell was supposed to speak of the security issues with smartphone operating system at the annual Black Hat hackers conference, but he pulled out at the very last moment.

"App developers frequently fail to follow security guidelines and write applications properly," said Hassell, Reuters reports.

Riley has denied further information about the apps that are vulnerable as he believes that revealing something of this nature without appropriate countermeasures is not the right thing to do and it may lead to ‘mayhem’.

According to Hassell, he has reported the issues to Google, but the search engine giant’s spokesperson said that the flaw had nothing to do with Android.

While being reluctant to divulge further information about the vulnerabilities, Hassell has informed that he will be giving a talk on this topic during the Hack in the Box conference in Kuala Lumpur to be held in October.