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Fake Apple Stores Christened as ‘Smart Store’

Authorities in China have seemingly cracked down on the recently discovered 22 fake apple stores in the south western city Kunming.

The Chinese officials have forced these recently discovered fake Apple stores to stop using the trademarks of Apple. According to the official, all the stores have complied with the order, but it seems that some of them are still using the Apple logo.

All the recently discovered stores have been renamed to Smart Store with a few still reluctant to give away the Apple logo.

Apple’s Shanghai office had filed a complaint on August 2nd [Use Google Translate] with the Kunming Trade and Industry Bureau. The stores had until August 10th to comply with the orders and were to remove all Apple related signage including logos.

The stores are amazingly similar to the original ones, no doubt the Chinese being quite competent enough in bringing out products which resemble in design, look and feel as the original ones like the HiPhone 5 which emerged last week.

It is quite not sure whether renaming the stores to ‘Smart Store’ give them any legal right to remain operative and sell Apple products. Maybe, for now, Apple would let them operate as no comments have been received from Apple as yet. [Image courtesy]