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Huawei Set To Sell Own-branded Smartphone Soon

Huawei's executive vice president for the United Kingdom, Mark Mitchinson, has revealed in an interview that the company, which is one of the largest handset manufacturers in the world, will accelerate plans to sell its own mobile handsets in the UK, thereby following in the footsteps of another very successful ODM-turned-brand-superstar mobile company, HTC.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Mitchinson said that the company will try and establish the Huawei brand almost from scratch, as HTC did a few years ago quite successfully, and will aim to grab up to five per cent of the UK smartphone market share within the next 12 months.

Huawei is already selling a number of smartphones either under its own brand, like the Huawei Ideos U8800 or the X6 Ideos U9000 or through mobile phone operators (T-Mobile Pulse or the Orange Barcelona).

The Chinese telecommunications giant is betting on its soon to be released Blaze smartphone to allow it to lure potential customers away from more well known competitors like Motorola or Sony Ericsson.

Can it be done? Well, ZTE, Huawei's indigenous archrival, managed to achieve massive sales last year of the ZTE Blade (Orange San Francisco) and is set to replicate this success with the ZTE Skate (Orange Monte Carlo).