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Late News: Google Bags Motorola Mobility, GAME to Sell PSN Digital Content, Fake Apple Stores Now 'Smart Store'

Google announced this morning that it was going to buy Motorola Mobility Holdings for $40 per share in cash for a total of $12.5 billion, which is a 63 per cent premium on the closing price of the Motorola Mobility shares on Friday 12th of August. The acquisition is unlikely to face an investigation from the Federal Trade Commission given that Motorola's market share lags well behind the likes of Samsung and Nokia globally.

Google+ Real Name policy has now reached a point where neither Google nor users are willing to back down with the former definitely having an edge of more control over user accounts. The Real name policy doesn’t allow any user to use a pseudonym or nickname on Google+. Previously Google adopted a more harsh method of booting users off of Google+ without any warning or intimation.

GAME has struck an exclusive deal with Sony Europe that will enable it to sell downloadable games, PlayStation Plus Subscriptions and add-ons across all its UK retail stores. The deal would see GAME selling PlayStation network content across its GAME and Gamestation stores across UK. The initial rollout will being with 42 store selling the content with all 620 stores offering the content by mid-September.

Authorities in China have seemingly cracked down on the recently discovered 22 fake apple stores in the south western city Kunming. The Chinese officials have forced these recently discovered fake Apple stores to stop using the trademarks of Apple. According to the official, all the stores have complied with the order, but it seems that some of them are still using the Apple logo.

Want to get hands on the latest Mozilla Firefox 6 browser before the official launch date? Well here is the Mozilla FTP Site that allows you to just do that. Even though Mozilla is maintaining that Firefox 6 will not be available before August 16th, a blogger over at Technobolt claims that the FTP site has been providing the download since August 13th.