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Mozilla Firefox 6 Available for Download Before Official Launch

Want to get hands on the latest Mozilla Firefox 6 browser before the official launch date? Well here is the Mozilla FTP Site that allows you to just do that.

Even though Mozilla is maintaining that Firefox 6 will not be available before August 16th, a blogger over at Technobolt claims that the FTP site has been providing the download since August 13th.

In regards to the improvements, if one my ask, there are none in case of the user interface (UI), but Mozilla claims that there is a lot of speed improvements that users will perceive and to put it in a number value, the new Firefox 6 will be almost 20% faster than its predecessor, the Firefox 5.

A last minute change to the build available for download cannot be negated, but the chances are fairly low as there have been no major issues that have been reported and not been solved in the beta version. The currently downloadable build on the FTP is the most stable of all the builds released until now claims the blogger.

Recently Mozilla has adopted a more conservative approach towards its launch process and has been dishing out versions without much hype. The official launch of Firefox 6, on Tuesday, coincides with the unveiling of Firefox 7 beta.