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Nokia To Target Google Android Not Apple's iPhone

In an interview with Business Insider a top Nokia exec has revealed that the Finnish company sees Google Android as its main rival, and is focusing its strategy at competing with the popular platform through its upcoming Windows Phone devices.

Apple's iPhone 5 is also a menacing rival, but not Nokia's primary target.

According to multiple studies and reports, Google Android is America's most popular operating system and Nokia seems to be perfectly aware of its competitor's value. Android's rapid growth has heavily impacted Nokia so it is no surprise that the European company is targeting Google's platform in its new strategic plan.

Chris Weberit, Nokia's North American head of sales said in an interview with Business Insider the company is planning to "flood the market with different phones", a similar strategy to the one used by Android.

Another strategy Nokia is planning to adopt is partnering with multiple US carriers. The Android platform already works with all wireless carriers in US and offers numerous smartphone versions, from cheaper low-end ones, to popular high-end devices.

But if Nokia wants to rapidly advance in the US smartphone market, they clearly need to release more devices, not just one phone a year as Apple tends to.

The official release date for Nokia's first Windows Phone handset, the Sea Ray is not yet known, but it seems the Finnish company has high expectations for the upcoming device.