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OnLive Collaborates with BT, Brings Cloud Gaming To The UK

Cloud based gaming, the latest trend in the gaming industry, is going to storm UK with the launch of OnLive’s cloud-based gaming service in collaborate with BT on September 22nd.

OnLive has already been around in the US for about a year and has been quite successful. OnLive allows users to enjoy cloud based gaming without requiring a console.

Gaming can’t get any simpler than this, with the users only requiring a high speed internet connection and a cloud gaming adapter that would connect the user directly to the cloud hosted gaming servers. This will save the users of high costs involved with purchase of console and subsequent game titles to enjoy them. The game server, hosted on the cloud, will be doing all the processing for the users and the final output will be rendered onto the TV sets of the users over the high speed internet connection.

Steve Perlman, chief executive of OnLive, describes this as “high performance gaming as accessible as streaming video.”

There is one issue though that needs to be addressed and that is the requirement of high speed connectivity without any data caps. As per the calculations on an average an hour of OnLive’s gaming session could eat as much as 450 MB of data and this will definitely cost users with data caps dearly.

OnLive might have to work with the regional ISPs here in the UK to work out some kind of an offer, otherwise there are chances that OnLive might receive the warm welcome as it has back in the US. The pricing for UK subscribers haven’t been announced yet.