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Orange updates mobile broadband deals

Mobile phone network Orange has introduced new mobile broadband price plans, along with a new mobile WIFI device.

One part of the Everything Everywhere umbrella company has refreshed its mobile broadband prices and packages, with the launch of three new mobile broadband plans – in a small, medium and large data plans.

Orange’s ‘small’ offer includes a 500MB data allowance, for £10 a month or for £5 to Orange customers, where the medium version delivers a 1GB mobile broadband bundle and unlimited BT OpenZone WIFI access for £10 to Orange users or £15 to non-Orange. The ‘large’ package offers up a 3GB data allowance, with the same unlimited WIFI use for £30 or £25 a month.

Existing Orange users on pay monthly, pay as you go and home broadband contracts can all benefit from this £5 monthly discount.

Orange is also adding the Orange E5830C Mobile WIFI device to its existing range of mobile broadband products in the next coming weeks, which effectively is the popular 3 MIFI product – where only Three can really use the ‘MIFI’ brand name in the UK.

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