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Price Of DDR3 Memory Falls To New Low

The price of DDR3 memory has fallen even further over the weekend and surprisingly, it is the SODIMM format that's actually being discounted the hardest.

Amazon is currently selling two 4GB Komputerbay DDR3 SODIMM modules, which use Hynix components, for a staggeringly low £29 (that's £58 for 16GB) including delivery.

The parts on sale are compatible with both Apple and PC, have 204-pins, are PC3-8500 (1066MHz) compatible and come with a lifetime warranty badge.

As we mentioned last week, should prices of SODIMM be consistently cheaper than desktop models, it will make more sense for motherboard manufacturers to switch to SODIMM altogether, rather than having to maintain two form factors.

Having a just single memory type would mean cheaper prices due to economies of scale as well as smaller PCBs with less connectors.

The price of DDR3 memory has been falling consistently with 2Gb spot price eTT (256Mx8) dropping by 1.31 per cent to 83 cents with microSD cards and flash memory dropping in value as well but not by the same margins.

Cheap memory could change the storage market as well, as manufacturers look at RAM Disk which are significantly faster than SSD and may be preferred at the lower end of the market as a low-capacity system disk.