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RIM outs Blackberry service for small businesses

Research In Motion (RIM), maker of the Blackberry line has announced a new online service to help small businesses manage their fleets of phones.

The free service is targeted at small businesses managing up to 100 RIM Blackberrys that use web-based email services such as Gmail of Hotmail. RRIM claims it will help minimise the risk of information leakage due to theft or loss.

“BlackBerry Management Center is a free service and an effective way to manage and support employees’ BlackBerry smartphones in the cloud,” Alan Panezic, vice president of Enterprise Product Management at Research In Motion reckoned in announcing the product today.

Companies manage their phones through a web-based interface. The service includes an option for automatic backups and remote locking of phones (lost or stolen) with an option to delete all information including the microSD card.

The Canadian outfit is leveraging its reputation for security that rioters on UK streets have helped boost by using the BlackBerry messaging service to arrange such subversive acts as water fights.

You can investigate the service for yourself at