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Samsung Galaxy S2 US Release Before iPhone 5

Samsung is planning a competitive response to Apple's rumoured iPhone 5 release. The Asian company is ready to bring its popular Galaxy S2 to the US market and take on Apple on its home ground.

A press event will be held on August 29th, where Samsung is expected to unveil details about the US arrival of its most popular smartphone.

Galaxy S2 probably is the iPhone's strongest competitor so far. It runs Android 2.3, has a dual core processor, 1 GB of RAM, 4.3 inch display and 8 megapixel camera, all in a super light and thin design. Outside the US the Galaxy S2 managed to sell a record 3 million units in only 55 days.

Upon its US release, Galaxy S2 is expected to come out on each large wireless carrier, PC World reports. The AT&T model is rumoured to feature a QWERTY keyboard and when it arrives on Sprint it could have 4G WiMAX connectivity. The Verizon Galaxy S2 it's thought could feature 4G LTE connectivity. The AT&T model is rumoured to be named Attain, Sprint could come under the name Within, whilst the Verizon Galaxy S2 is expected to be dubbed Celox.

Meanwhile, nothing is known for sure about Samsung's main rival on the smartphone market, Apple and its iPhone 5 plans; most are still expecting a September or October launch.