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Sony Partners GAME to Sell Digital Content in Retail Outlets

GAME has struck an exclusive deal with Sony Europe that will enable it to sell downloadable games, PlayStation Plus Subscriptions and add-ons across all its UK retail stores.

The deal would see GAME selling PlayStation network content across its GAME and Gamestation stores across UK. The initial rollout will being with 42 store selling the content with all 620 stores offering the content by mid-September.

The pricing structure has been already revealed. "Every product is individually displayed and marketed with a specific price point," a GAME spokesperson told EUROGAMER.

Titles that will be made available initially would comprise of only the titles that are directly from Sony which include MAG, WipEout Fury, etc. Third party game titles will be added later on.

This deal is bound to make GAME the biggest retailer of digital games as it will have access to the PSN content like no other retailer.

“This is important because it offers customers more choice, more advice and more control than they can get online,” said, CEO of GAME Group, Ian Shepherd.

GAME has confirmed that users, on purchase of the online content, shall receive a 12-digit code through email, SMS or printed receipt, which they would need to use while downloading the content from PSN.