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Virgin Media Offers Free Spotify Unlimited For Existing Customers

Virgin Media has teamed up with Spotify to offer an exclusive package for existing customers, a 12 month subscription to Spotify Unlimited although there's some confusion over what exact Spotify package is included.

On the offer page, Virgin Media mentions the Spotify Unlimited package which is worth £4.99 per month, but then claims further down the same page that the cost is usually £9.99 per month, which is what the Premium package is priced at.

Note that Virgin Media customers with a 50Mbps broadband service or higher qualify for the Spotify offer which is valid until the end of August; after the 12 month period, users will be automatically reverted back to Spotify Open.

The Spotify Unlimited package comes with some added features like no limit on the time you can take your music files abroad, no advertising and a Spotify radio mode.

However, you won't be able to play files on your mobile, there's no offline mode for your desktop or mobile, and you won't be able to play Spotify through music systems like Sonos.

Virgin Media has not confirmed whether users will be able to upgrade from the Unlimited package to the Premium one for a fee.

Spotify currently offers 15 million music tracks, with approximately 10,000 new ones added each day.