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£114.28 AOC E2436VWA WLED Full HD 1920x1080 Monitor

If your line of work involves creativity and you need a display to complement your creative output, AOC E2436Vwa Monitor is the one to go for.

The Full HD monitor from AOC establishes itself as a monitor centred on bringing visually excellent output at a resolution of 1920x1080.

AOC’s widescreen flat screen LED monitor delivers astounding clarity thanks to a 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. The monitor is highly sensitive to motion and with the 5ms video response time, the monitor delivers a flawless near real-time video output. The screen size is 23.6 inches. The input connectors include one D-Sub and one DVI-D in.

The horizontal viewing angle is 170 degrees while the vertical angle is 160. With 25w of power consumption, the monitor doesn’t go heavy on your electricity bills. The monitor comes in black colour.

AOC E2436Vwa is 582mm in width and 432mm in height. The manufacturer is offering a 3 years warranty along with the monitor.

With high class picture quality, wide viewing angles and low power consumption, this monitor would definitely be a value addition to your electronic inventory.

The AOC E2436VWA WLED Full HD 1920x1080 Monitor can be purchased from SCAN for £114.28.