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AMNews: BlackBerry Management Centre Launched, Is Red iPhone 5 Possible? Apple MacBook Pro 3G on eBay

RIM has launched a free online management service that would enable SMBs to simplify Smartphone security with little or no technical expertise. The BlackBerry Management Centre, a cloud based solution, is designed specifically for businesses with up to 100 Smartphones. Small businesses can back up all the BlackBerrys automatically, provided a Wi-Fi connection is present, thus enabling them to recover the data in case the handset is either lost or stolen.

Until now Apple's iPhones have only come in black and white, although things could be about to change with the much-anticipated iPhone 5. A recent revelation based on an alleged leak claims that the upcoming iPhone 5 will come in red as well as the traditional colours, Beatweek reports.

Gartner conducted a survey in December, 2010 and January, 2011 which comprised of more than 6000 social networking users from developing and developed markets which revealed that a new phenomenon that is related to social networking called 'social media fatigue' is creeping in wherein users who were among the first and early adopters of the Social Media have started to experience fatigue and are visiting the social networking sites like Facebook let often.

Apple MacBook Pro 3G has surfaced on eBay and is currently available for bidding. From the looks of the laptop it seems that it is 3G enabled just like the iPhones and the iPads. The laptop has a slot for a standard SIM card, though not functional, and an antenna for 3G reception.