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Anonymous Hacks External BART Website, Releases Customer Data

Anonymous has targeted the website of BART, a government agency in San Francisco who shut down a cell phone network to hamper a public protest over a police shooting.

The hacktivists may not have brought down the main website as they had threatened, but an attack came anyway as the group breached an external website of BART, which is run by an outside vendor.

The hacked website reportedly contained email addresses and personal information of over 50,000 subscribers, most of which are now feared to have been compromised.

According to latest updates, Anonymous not only left its trademark logo on the website’s home-page, but has already published the names, email addresses, street addresses and even phone numbers of thousands of Bay Area residents online.

Transit officials have confirmed the attack, and said that they are shutting down the breached website, dubbed MyBart, and are currently informing subscribers whose personal info may have been compromised during the breach.

"We're making preparations to try to prevent any unsafe conditions on the platform. I'm not going to discuss any specifics, other than to say we're preparing," BART spokesman Jim Allison said, the Times Herald Online reports.

The hackers on the other hand, issued an apology to the innocent victims of the breach by stating: "We apologize to any citizen that has his information published, but you should go to BART and ask them why your information wasn't secure with them."