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Apple iPhone 5 Could Arrive Mid-September, No iPad 3 This Year

When it comes to Apple's plans nothing is very clear and all we can do is rely on the many reports and rumours to gain a reasonable picture. This time, two new revelations pertaining to Apple device launches have found their way onto the web: with some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that the purported iPhone 5 could be launched shortly after September 12th. The leak comes from a source speaking to Engadget claiming that Telefonica is cleaning out its current iPhone stock, starting from August 22nd through until September 12th, to "prepare us for the launch of a new smartphone".

We've previously heard quite a lot about a September release for the iPhone 5, and such moves from carriers and retailers often point to a new model launch.

The bad news is regarding another iOS device, namely the rumoured next gen iPad (most likely the iPad 3). It seems that Apple had planned to launch the tablet in the second half of 2011, but the company has recently cancelled the orders due to supply issues with the high resolution displays.

The third gen iPad was expected to feature Retina Display panels, but apparently neither Samsung nor LG have managed to meet Apple's demand and requirements for the iPad 3 displays. An alternative manufacturer could be Sharp, but is seems that the company would charge Apple too much.