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Apple Unveils $69 Mac OS X Lion Thumb Drive

Good news for Mac owners who either don’t have an internet connection, or simply are too lazy to even go to the Apple website and update their operating system! Apple has finally come to the rescue of this deprived lot as the company unveiled its brand new Mac OS X lion thumb drive.

The new thumb drive is designed to allow users to just plug in it in their Macs, and upgrade their operating system to the latest Mac OS X Lion locally, and without eating up precious bandwidth.

The Mac OS X Lion brings along with it over 250 brand new features, including the likes of compatibility with full screen application as well as a launchpad option, aimed at allowing users access to all the programs on their systems.

While the new OS version can be downloaded from the App Store for $29.99, the Thumb Drive is, as of now, priced at $69. And also, interestingly, this happens to be the first ever time when the company is not offering an installation disc and instead, opting for a USB drive.

And, if we are not just getting too much carried away, this could well be the sign of Steve Jobs being on a mission to kill off the Mac disc-drive once and for all. The thumb drive can be purchased from the apple store here.