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AT&T Goes After Customers with Counter Lawsuits

American mobile network carrier AT&T is believed to be preparing to go after the customers who filed a petition against the company for acquiring T-Mobile.

Last week a letter drafted by the general counsel of AT&T was leaked on the web on Friday revealing that the company is only planning to spend $3.8 Billion to increase the LTE coverage, which is currently 80%, to 97%.

The letter is quite surprising as it brings to attention the fact that even though the cost of increasing the coverage is merely $3.8 Billion, AT&T is spending 10 times more and paying $38 Billion for T-Mobile’s acquisition. Experts believe that this seems to be more or less a stance to reduce the competition from the market.

In a probable move to divert attention from the leaked letter, AT&T has filed about eight lawsuits in total in the federal courts of the USA to seek prohibition upon claims being made by customers to instigate a joint protest against the carrier company over T-Mobile acquisition.

"The bottom line here is an arbitrator has no authority to block the merger or affect the merger process in any way. The claims are completely without merit. We have filed suit in order to stop this abusive action," spokesperson for AT&T said in an official statement.

However, Bursor & Fisher has claimed that American Arbitration Association (AAA) has denied the petition of AT&T while the decision now impends in the federal courts.

The merger which AT&T claims will bring job opportunities in the US along with meeting the crunch faced by America in telecom spectrum sector is supported by major technology companies which include software giant Microsoft and social networking website Facebook.