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Carriers Now Testing 4G LTE iPhone

Apple's next-gen iPhone is expected to come sometime this autumn, September or October being suggested as the likely launch month. With ongoing rumours flooding the Internet, nothing is actually known for sure when it comes to Apple's iPhone plans. Several possible release dates have been whispered, numerous design features, colours, specs, possible carriers and even different names for Apple's fifth generation iPhone.

Although the majority of people are referring to the smartphone as the iPhone 5,

there is a growing belief that the upcoming iPhone could have the desired LTE support for 4G networks across the globe; if this is the case, Apple's smartphone could be called iPhone 4G.

There is no certainty whether the fifth generation iPhone will actually be capable of 4G LTE connectivity, since the technology isn't quite ready yet, but tech website BGR apparently has confirmation that Apple's carrier partners are currently testing iPhone models with LTE support. One of Apple's major carrier partners has provided an internal iOS test build, which seems to hide a property list (.plist file) for LTE.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the next gen iPhone will come with an internal 4G LTE modem, but it does reveal that the Cupertino company is working on integrating the 4G LTE networks that are currently rolling out worldwide.