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Chrome 14 Beta Gets Native Client, Web Audio API

The newest Chrome web browser, dubbed Chrome 14 Beta, released by Google via Beta Channel, comes with Native Client support and new features for the Mac platform.

In a blog post, the search engine giant explained that the integration of Native Client within the web browser will allow developers to run C and C++ code to be executed inside the web browser.

“Native Client allows C and C++ code to be seamlessly executed inside the browser with security restrictions similar to JavaScript,” Google said.

The Native Clients app runs on a set of Pepper APIs that allow developers to make use of HTML 5 for C and C++ based apps. Google believes that Native Client support will encourage developers to create web apps for the browser, making it work more like an operating system.

The company informed that Native Client was currently only available for web apps in the Chrome Web Store but it plans to expand it to other apps in the near future.

Another feature which comes with the browser is the Web Audio API with advanced audio capabilities like room simulation and dynamic positioning. Developers will be able to provide a more interactive experience and games to the users.

Google has provided a few examples but it is looking forward to what other developers can come up with.