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Cost Of Cheapest Xbox 360 Falls Below £100 Ex VAT

The price of the cheapest Xbox 360 in the UK has fallen down to £115.20 as supermarket giant, Tesco, has slashed another 20 per cent off its retail price, bringing the Microsoft gaming console closer to the Nintendo Wii. The actual price is £119.20, which can be brought down further still using the code TDX-MNGH at the checkout.

The deal, which can be found here, is up to £44 cheaper than at comparable high street outlets (Comet) and stocks appear to be plentiful; what's more, Tesco's Clubcard deal means that you can earn an additional £2.38 in ponits that can be redeemed against additional products online or instore.

The Xbox 360 console is only a 4GB model, which means that you will have to add an external storage device to be able to utilise the console optimally. The new version of the console comes with Wi-Fi, an Ethernet port, HDMI, Digital I/O, four USB ports and much more.

Alternatively, you can get the 250GB model for £143 (or under £28 extra) which IMHO is well worth it. Tesco's reduction in price is part of a current promotion that allows customers to save 20 per cent on the usual selling price.

Only in the last few days Tesco dropped the price of the Nintendo 3DS gaming console to just £110.