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Dell Shows Red Flag to Streak 5

After more than a year and a half of bumpy ride with the product, Dell officially kissed its, not-so-successful, 5-inch Dell Streak tablet the final goodbye.

Designed to be the Texas based computer maker’s answer to Cupertino’s market leader Apple iPad, the Dell Streak, needless to say, failed rather miserably with its average specs and features and a comparatively much higher price.

In a rather quiet and discrete manner, the company bid farewell to the now-officially-dead tablet, saying “It’s been a great ride.”

The Dell Streak made its debut in the summer of 2010. Though the company originally launched the product as an answer to the iPad, experts more often than not termed it as merely an over-sized Smartphone.

“The Dell Streak 5 had a few birth defects: its 5-inch screen was only 0.7-inch larger than that of the Droid X smartphone, and the resolution was lower than iPhone 4's 3.5-inch Retina display,” PCWorld reports.

The tablet will be available in the UK “for the foreseeable future”, said a Dell press spokesperson despite the fact that it will no longer be available in the US. It seems that in a move to hold on to the owners of Streak 5, Dell is still offering accessories for the Streak 5.