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Fusion Garage Plans To Bring Out iPad 2 Rival

Fusion Garage, the company behind the controversial Joojoo tablet, has announced that it will release a tablet called the Grid 10 which will hopefully get us to forget how awful the Joojoo was.

The device is essentially an Android-based one as it uses the Android Kernel but Fusion Garage, which was temporarily renamed as TabCo, chose to rename the OS as Grid OS.

Additionally, it will ship with Microsoft Bing as the default search engine and a new Fusion Garage app store called the Grid Shop which, in theory, should look like the Android Market with a few tweaks (ed: like Archos also did).

The rest of the specification is in line with the rest of the market; there's a 10-inch screen (1366x768 pixels), an Nvidia Tegra 2 SoC (probably clocked at 1GHz), 1.3-megapixel camera, 16GB onboard storage, Bluetooth, a microSD slot and optional 3G.

The tablet will be free for anyone who has purchased a JooJoo in the past; otherwise, it will cost $499 for the WiFi version and $599 for the 3G one. It is already available for preorder on Amazon and will start shipping from the 15th of September.

Apart from the increase in screen resolution (and an odd 16:9 screen ratio), the Grid 10 doesn't come with any ground-breaking features.