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Google+ Attracts Game Publishers, Likes of Zynga Show Interest

The battle between Google Plus and Facebook has intensified as the former, despite still being in its beta testing, has already started attracting a handful of reputed game publishers.

When it comes to integrating online gaming with social media platforms, Facebook, needless to say, did an amazingly good job. After all, it was games like Cityville, Farmville or Poker that helped to a great extent in attracting new members to the site, as well as to intensify their addiction with social interaction via the virtual platform.

However, as Google prepares to go against Mark Zuckerberg led Facebook Inc., it has found the backing of a number of well-known game developers including the likes of Electronics Arts and Zyanga.

It is a win-win situation for both - while Google+ is optimistic about driving more traffic to the site via these massively popular games, the developers are also likely to be benefited from the growing membership of the search giant’s latest venture in social media.

In addition to that, while Facebook charges game publishers an overwhelming 30 percent of their revenues earned from the site, Google is going to provide them with much cheaper options - 5 percent revenue split for each game it features.