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Google Gears Up Against Lodsys, Backs Android Developers

Google has finally come into action to support application developers working for its Android Operating System as the company files a request with the patent authorities in the United States.

According to Wired, Mountain View, California-based Google Inc. has filed a request with the United States Patent and Trademark office on Friday last week to reconsider and re-examine the lawsuit filed by Lodsys for infringing upon two of its patents in developing the Android platform.

“We’ve asked the US Patent Office to reexamine two Lodsys patents that we believe should never have been issued. Developers play a critical part in the Android ecosystem and Google will continue to support them.” general counsel advisory and senior vice president for Google Inc., Kent Walker has told the website.

The company has requested the USPTO to check again the validity of claims made by the Texas-based Patent company Lodsys. The company has accused a total of 11 application developers for Smartphones accusing them of violating the copyright for two patents U.S.7,222,078 and 7,620,565 to develop in-app payment technology.

The in-app payment technology is being adopted by a large number of Smartphone makers and app developers across the world. If the request for re-examination is accepted by

the authority, app developers will be saved from paying huge amount of money as

compensation to Lodsys.