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Google Has Improved Upon Privacy Policies, Can Do Better Says ICO

UK’s Information Commissioner's Office has informed that Google has made radical improvements to its privacy policies since the Wi-Fi scandal but there is still room for improvement.

In an internal audit of Google’s privacy policies and procedures, the ICO said that the company had made a lot of improvement in better protecting the information that it handles.

According to The Telegraph, the ICO found that the company had taken ‘reasonable steps to improve its privacy policies’ since the Wi-Fi scandal.

“The audit verified that Google have made improvements to their internal privacy structure, privacy training and awareness and privacy reviews,” the ICO audit read.

“The audit provided reasonable assurance that these changes reduce, but do not eliminate, the risk of an incident similar to the mistaken collection of payload data by Google Street View vehicles occurring again.” it reported.

Information Minister Christopher Graham said that he was happy with the changes that Google had made in its policies and informed that the company was open to more changes recommended in the ICO audit report.

Some of the measures recommended by the ICO include a privacy design document for every Google product and random spot checks to make sure those privacy policies are being followed by employees.