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HP Pre 3 arrives in the UK

On-line mobile phone retailer Clove has taken stock of the latest Hewlett-Packard Pre 3 mobile phone, with a cost attached of £360.

The HP Pre 3 was launched back in February this year and just before Mobile World Congress, along with the HP TouchPad tablet and the much smaller Veer handset.

These devices all run from the webOS platform, which came from the acquisition of Palm by HP in the early part of 2010.

HP's Pre3 arrives with a 3.6-inch 480x800 TFT capacitive touch screen, where the 2010 Palm Pre 2 shipped with a 3.1-inch 320x480 touch screen and a smaller slide out Qwerty keyboard.

The newer variant also supports a 1.4Ghz dual-core processor, with the older model arrived with just a 1Ghz single core CPU – although both contain a 5 megapixel camera, but the Pre3 version is capable of HD 720p video recording and houses a front-facing camera too.

This current mobile phone runs from the HP true multitasking webOS 2.2, where last year's handset arrived running 2.0 of the platform.

Clove is retailing the HP Pre3 SIM free and unlocked for £360, where Orange has recently opened up a support page for the handset here which could mean the network will be carrying the phone soon too.

Clove – HP Pre3

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