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Intel Brings Back Upgrade Service for Unpowered Processors

Chip maker Intel has revived its campaign to upgrade three of its processors below present standards through software upgrades.

Intel’s new service, dubbed as Intel Upgrade Service will help customers running processors with outdated technology Core i3-2312M, Core i3-2102, and Pentium G622 to upgrade their processors to 2393M, 2153 and Pentium G693 respectively by paying certain fee.

"With these upgrades, customers will enjoy: Better performance for photo, video, and music tasks. Better responsiveness for everyday PC activities. Better responsiveness for PC productivity at work or at home." the company stated on its Retail Upgrade webpage.

The company has reported that during internal tests and trials, the Core i3 2102 along with Pentium G693 will enhance the frequency of the processor while with upgrading the Core i3 2312M will enhance the cache capacity of the processor. The upgrade will also help to improve core performance for Windows Live Photo Gallery and Microsoft Excel.

The upgrading process will be guided by a software application wizard however a code is necessary to begin the process. The code will be given to the customers after the payment is made. While the fee has not been revealed by the company, last year the fee was $50 for each upgrade. [Image courtesy Intel]