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Latest Apple Anti-Fingerprint Technology For iPhone 5?

A new Apple patent has recently been unearthed that is likely to go into production and be utilised in the company's touchscreen products.

The patent technology applies a process called Physical Vapor Deposition, a special coating procedure that could leave the iPhones, iPads and iPods resistant from finger oils for much longer, Patently Apple reveals.

The current coatings for iPhone 3Gs, iPhone4 and iPad are known to wear off rapidly, but this new patent is apparently more effective in protecting the touchscreens of Apple devices from smears.

The Physical Vapor Desposition technology could protect the iPhone, iPod and iPad screens from fingerprints and avoid the need to constantly wipe your device. The new technology apparently coats the screens of your electronic device with an oil resistant 'oleophobic' coating.

The Physical Vapor Desposition technique applies thin films of vaporized materials onto the iDevice's surface. The coating comes in liquid form inside a pressurized bottle and is purged by an inert gas to avoid exposure to air, heat or humidity during the manufacturing process, before it is applied to a device's surface.

It is even suggested that the new anti-smudge PVD technology could be featured on the new iPhone 5, set to come this autumn.