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Microsoft Considers Apple & Google as Competitors, Linux Ousted

Microsoft Corporation has refreshed its filing with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) by naming Apple Inc. and Google Inc. as its potential competitors instead of previously mentioned Linux Operating System, Mozilla and Opera.

The annual 10k form of Redmond, Washington-based software giant filed with the SEC has revealed that Microsoft does not consider Linux and Mozilla as its rivals anymore and they have been replaced by Apple and Google. This is visible if the filing from previous year is compared with the one in 2011.

The report emphasises upon the threat personal computers face from devices in the market. The company had used ‘new’ last year to refer to the emerging market of smartphones and tablet computers. The report does not mention any device in particular.

The report also suggests that the competition is no longer between the web browsers of various companies but about the services a browser offers within it.

The report also clearly affirms that innovation in the present technology world has taken a backseat as web security is the talk of the town. The part is significant because it is rarely found that Microsoft does not use the word innovation in its annual report.

“Our PC hardware products face competition from computer and other hardware manufacturers, many of which are also current or potential partners.” the report reads indicating about company’s new and better focus on its hardware business.