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Microsoft IE 9 Tops Social Malware Protection Charts

A new report has shown that Microsoft’s web browser, the Internet Explorer 9 is capable of protecting the desktops and other mobile computing devices from malware that are socially engineered.

An independent research company NSS Labs on Tuesday published a new report (download here [PDF]) of the tests conducted to show that IE9 protects the systems by blocking malware-effected websites at a success rate of more than 99 percent.

The Carlsbad, California-based research and security firm ran tests between May 27 and June 10 on five web browsers which include IE9, Google’s Chrome 12, Mozilla’s Firefox 4, Apple’s Safari 5 and Opera 11.

The results have clearly revealed that IE9 ranks number one with success rate of 99.2 percent followed by Chrome 12 at 13.2 percent, Firefox 4and Safari 5 managed to share the same rank at number three with 7.6 percent while Opera 11 stood last with a malware protection rate of 6.1 percent.

"It became obvious from these recent tests, in comparison to NSS Labs’ earlier global tests, that Microsoft continues to improve their IE malware protection in IE9 through its SmartScreen Filter technology and with the addition of SmartScreen Application Reputation technology," the NSS has reported.