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Minecraft now on Xperia Play

Popular PC game Mincecraft has now been released for mobile phones and is solely available for the Sony Ericsson ‘PlayStation’ Xperia Play handset.

Minecraft has become the most downloaded paid-for independent PC games of all time, where the pocket edition title has been fully optimised for the world’s first PlayStation certified smartphone.

The mobile phone version of the game has been reworked to be controlled by the slide-out gaming pad on the Xperia Play, where no other handset has these features nor are likely to in the near future.

Indie developer Mojang developed Minecraft, with its clever and addictive gameplay which boasts more than 11 million registered users and more than 50,000 new players joining every day.

Minecraft is one of the fastest growing game franchises in history, whilst still only in Beta with constant updates and features being added all the time.

The pocket edition of Minecraft will also be updated regularly too, where Mojang has stated it is treating game development as a service to ensure players always have the best possible gaming experience.

Minecraft Android OS gaming app is focused on creativity and building, by allowing players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world - with a price attached of £4.26.

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