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New Windows Phone 7 Mango Build Surfaces Before Official Launch

The final Windows Phone 7 Mango build has surfaced amidst widespread anticipation of the first ever major refreshment in the operating system platform hitting the market on September 1.

The company is yet to officially announce the launch date of the new version Mango. However, the developer community has still got the opportunity to tweak around with the final build of the software - all thanks to an early internal leak.

PC Mag explained in its report: “In order to install build 7720, as it's known, your Windows Phone has to be running Nodo (build 7392) or one of the two beta builds, Mango (7661) or the Mango Developer Beta (7712).”

“The internal update isn't device-specific, which might muck up any specialized software your phone happens to have installed,” the site added.

According to the site, the installation of this unofficial Mango update includes a painstaking 20-step long procedure. Also, it takes at least one and a half to two hours for complete installation of the update.

So, do you want to get your hands on the latest Windows Phone 7 Mango build before it is officially launched? If yes, then the final build of the OS platform can be downloaded from a post in the xda-developers forum.