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Nintendo 3DS Sales Rise Steeply Following Price Cuts

After years of lagging behind rivals Microsoft and Sony, seems like the console giant Nintendo is finally catching up, the recent gigantic boost in the sales figure of its 3DS console being just another example.

According to a latest report, following the cut down in the price of the device, the Nintendo 3DS console went on selling over 215,000 units within just 8 days, meaning an average of almost 27,000 consoles getting sold every day.

The company recently introduced a 30-40% price cut for the 3DS console in Japan, the US and a few other countries - something that shocked the entire gaming fraternity, and rightly so, after all it was barely a few months since the system hit the stores.

“By way of comparison: Nintendo in Japan shipped over 350,000 units in the week after launch (and roughly 200,000 in the week after that), meaning the price drop triggered some kind of second beginning in this country for the system,” according to a Washington post report.

An overall 1.5 million units of the console have been sold so far in Japan alone. The overall sales target for Nintendo 3DS has been set to 16 Million units by the company.