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Nokia N9 Might Just Come to the UK, Unofficially Though

Finnish mobile giant Nokia may have made it clear that the UK, along with Sweden and some of the company’s other bigger markets won’t be getting the forthcoming Nokia N9 handset, as we reported earlier, but seems like there is still a backdoor left through which the UK and Sweden fans can get their hands on this latest device featuring the MeeGo OS platform.

According to this report by the tech-site Engadget, independent dealers Expansys and Katshing are both offering the N9 handset on pre-order for the UK and Sweden customers respectively.

While Katshing is offering the device at a price of 5,490 Kronas ($845), Expansys is yet to disclose the price of its offering. Both the reseller are refraining from announcing the release date of the handset though.

Nokia, earlier issued a statement saying that, “(it) takes a market by market approach to product rollout,” according to a The Fonecast report.

“In the UK there are no plans to offer the Nokia N9 at present. Nokia has previously said the N9 also won’t be available in the USA,” the company added.

Meanwhile, Nokia has also announced that a couple of other major markets including Germany and India won’t be getting the MeeGo based device either.